Compusa (Systemax, Inc.)

Finally I am doing some work on this site. I have touched up the look a bit and will be doing a bit more in that department. This was precipitated by the fact that I have some new adventures in computer construction to chronicle.

I have not done much in the way of building new computers for the last several years, but that has now changed. I have put together a couple of new boxes for use in my offline business. I have upgraded to SSDs on most of my computers. I will be adding an article on upgrading to an SSD and I will be writing up my adventures with the new builds. With any luck I will be able to continue with this interesting hobby. My home computer is very out of date and needs an upgrade. The new builds showed me how dated the old box has become!

I have just added a feed for reprinted articles. Check out the page from time to time to see what the software has pulled down for you.

I have just completed a complete site rebuild. I have taken most of the boring details off of the home page. Most of that went into the Mission Statement. I have added several news feeds to the site and tried to make navagation a lot easier. I am adding some new content in addition to the news feeds with this site update.

The jokes and cartoons have been a popular draw. Many visitors have viewed them but may not have known about the rest of the site. I hope that with the improved navigation and layout that people will get more value from the site.

What do you think about this?

Please tell me here!

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