Cambridge SoundWorks

Our Mission

Computers have long been an interest of mine. I had a basic college level intro to computer programming in the mid '70's. Then I had a few opportunities to play around with some early entrants into the personel computer field. I wanted to get into the business of selling computers in the '80's but did not follow up on it at that time. But I resisted getting my first computer for several years. I recognized that a computer could soak up a lot of time.

My first computer was a Dell.  It was a 1.3 Ghz computer when 1.6 Ghz was the fastest CPU that was available.  The excuse to get that computer was to use it in my business.  I went through the Dell tutorial on how to use a computer and dove in.  I got dial-up Internet access and started exploring the web.  

I found resources online and began to be aware of the world in which we live. Among other things I discovered that modern computers are basically modular assemblies, and it is relatively easy to assemble a computer from readily available parts. There is a whole industry dedicated to the building, upgrading, and maintaining of computers. 

The purpose of this site is to chronicle my various computer builds and to offer some instruction and encouragement for those who are interested in building or upgrading a computer. I have some articles on the site detailing various aspects of building a computer and I intend to post more articles on various subjects. I also have posted a log of my most recent build and will do the same for subsequent builds.

I would also like to post articles by others about building or upgrading computers.  If you would like to contribute to these pages you may contact me HERE.  I would like informational articles on various aspects of the build, such as power supplies, cases, graphics sub-systems, processors, motherboards, and other hardware.  I would also like to post  descriptions of various builds.  I will incorporate a forum on the site if there is interest.