Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

I now have a total of five SSDs in service. Two went into new builds. The other three were upgrades for existing systems. One is my original SAC computer. Either the original drive had developed a problem or the OS had become corrupted. I tried without success to rescue the original install so I ended up reloading WindowsXP Pro from the original install disc. My netbook suffered from excessive boot time and slow program loading so it was a good candidate for an SSD. I wrote up that adventure in an article found here. That data migration was successful. The third computer is my personal computer. I am past due for a new build but that will have to wait awhile so I chose to upgrade the old box.

The first SSD that I bought was an OCZ. Since then I have purchased two Samsung 840EVO 120Gb drives and two Muskin 60Gb drives. The smaller drives are fine for their applications and saved a bit of money. The Samsungs were available for a reasonable price when I wanted to buy them and the reviews are generally good so I went with them.

The OCZ came with a feature limited license for Acronis TrueImage. Since I used the drive in a new build I did not need it at the time but it did come in handy for my later adventures. The Samsung drives come with Samsung's own data migration software. My one opportunity to use it was foiled by the OS/drive problems in the computer for which I had purchased the drive.

The Acronis TrueImage worked without major problem but it insisted on putting a partition on the drive that I did not want there even though I tried my best to explain to it that I did not want that partition. It is possible that there is a way to do that but it was not evident by following the steps in their migration wizard. I ended up accomplishing my goal by using a two step process. I had an extra hard drive available so I first migrated to that drive. Then I deleted the extra partition from that drive and migrated from there to the new SSD.

I had tried to use the Samsung migration tool for the netbook but that software does not allow you to select the source drive. That would work if you had a USB enclosure available to temporarily mount the SSD while the files are copied. I do not have such a device and did not think to buy one when I ordered the drives. I suspect that the process would be painfully slow with the netbook but don't have the direct experience.

The Acronis software does allow you to select the source and target drives. It also allows you to select data to exclude from the move, but selecting the whole partition just prevents copying the files on the partition. The software still makes the partition. Deleting the empty partition does not expand the size of the remaining partition, it just leaves the remaining space as unallocated space. Using the two step process allowed me to end up with one partition with all of the space available.

I now consider myself almost an expert at data migration.

Have you ever Migrated your OS and data to a new drive?

Please tell me here!

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