Do you want to build your own computer?

Can I Build My Computer?

I built my computer, you can probably build yours. 

You may wonder how much technical knowledge is required to build a computer. If you played with an erector set, or more recently with legos, when you were growing up you can probably build a computer.

Building a computer consists of selecting the parts, assembling the parts, and loading the operating system and applications. I will outline some of the things that you need to think about when selecting the parts in another article.

There is no soldering required to build your computer. The parts plug in to make the various connections. The assembly is mechanical and requires only basic hand tools. Most of the assembly can be done with a screwdriver or two. There are tool kits available that have everything that you will need to assemble your computer if you do not have the tools or just want everything in one place when you start your build.

Once you have completed the assembly  and checked things out you are ready to power up your computer and load the operating system. This is usually a straight forward process guided by a wizard. You insert the CD or DVD into the drive and the installation proceeds from there. When there is something you need to do the wizard will guide you. 

After the OS is installed you will need to run various installation discs to install drivers for the some of the hardware that you have installed. These are designed to make your parts work better and often provide additional features. You will also need to install any special programs that you would like to have available on your new computer.

Building your own computer is about as easy as reading this article. You can almost certainly do it if you choose. Then you will be able to show it to your friends and say "I built my computer!"

Do you think that you could build a computer?

Are you going to do it? Please tell me here!

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